Bridges: Their variety, size, and geometry is fascinating to me. Bridges connect places that are separate and different. A bridge can be the start of an adventure, or the landmark at the end of a long journey. A bridge is a metaphor. 

Boats: I'm inspired by he sight of a harbor packed full of fishing trawlers and draggers all tethered in dock by massive ropes; mechanical parts rusted from the salt air, their shaggy nets neatly wound up and ready for the next trip. They embody hard work.

It's not just the beauty of nature that grabs me, but also the traces that human beings leave behind, the things we build and abandon, our influence on climate and environment.

Old Rhode Island:
These paintings were developed from sketches drawn by my Great-Great Grandfather, the artist Julius Ludovici in the 1880s. He drew the Rhode Island coast around Jamesto
wn and Narragansett Bay; much the same scenery that captivated the Luminists. It was thrilling try to recapture the light, vegetation, structures, and the open coastal views of the 19th century from a 21st century vantage point.